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Alley Gallery

Alley Gallery is a program created by the Louisville Downtown Partnership (LDP) to bring under-recognized spaces back to life, enlivening dingy single and double metal service doors with existing artwork created by metro-area artists. More than 300 potential public and private doors in the target area are candidates for the program. Participating property owners are provided with access to a Dropbox featuring existing artwork by local artists from which to choose. Denoted as sponsors, their cost is $645 for a single door or $1200 for a double. Artists supplying designs retain ownership of the image and are paid $300 in compensation for use of the work chosen. LDP manages the transfer of the design onto vinyl and the door surface preparation and art installation. Highly visible location markers are also mounted recognizing that from alley entryways the designs themselves, flat on doorways, will not be readily visible. LDP also produced an interactive online map of the doors, distributing it widely throughout downtown Louisville to help create an audience for the project. The before and after pictures of the project are striking, showing a real reclamation of what might otherwise be both under-recognized and unkempt space. As of June 2018, 100 doors were installed.

Project Details

Alley Gallery

Louisville Downtown Partnership


Public Space
$1000001 - $2000000