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Central Green: Connecting Community with Commerce & Culture

Over several years, the Baton Rouge Downtown Development District (DDD) has worked to connect numerous civic and cultural institutions downtown through a unified system of greenspaces known collectively as the Central Green.  In total, the Central Green boasts over 11 acres of accessible, contiguous public greenspace in the heart of downtown. 

The vision of the Central Green began in 2008 as part of a community-driven master plan spearheaded by the DDD, known as Plan Baton Rouge Two.  The planners analyzed the site and thousands of public comments to determine that the areas surrounding downtown’s most frequented destinations were not easily accessible, largely paved surfaces, and limited movement through the spaces.  Plan recommendations focused on creating a premier public space that unifies our diverse social fabric, connects downtown’s destinations, accommodates large and small events, prioritizes accessibility, and enhances the natural environment.

The Central Green is now host to events ranging from large concert series attracting thousands of attendees to small informal gatherings. Its unique design balances the needs of all users within its diverse urban landscape; providing access to all modes of transportation, including buses, vehicles, wheelchairs, and pedestrians.  Within the greenspace, users enjoy a multitude of high-tech amenities, innovative water features, a green roof, café-style seating, events stages, and public art. 

The implementation of the Central Green catalyzed a surge of downtown development seen over the past decade, and is a testament to the impact of strategic public investment.  As the region’s premier destination, the Central Green hosts hundreds of annual events on the lush greenspaces.  It not only serves to provide users a place to recreate and socialize, it embraces Baton Rouge’s rich cultural heritage and brings a diverse group of people together, strengthening the social fabric of our community.

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Central Green: Connecting Community with Commerce & Culture

Baton Rouge Downtown Development District


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