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Cincy Card Connection Program

The Cincy Card Connection program was created and managed by 3CDC to provide immediate financial support to Downtown Cincinnati merchants. The program established a unique gift card matching system that benefits two businesses with one gift card purchase. In order to help as many local businesses as possible, the matching gift card would be purchased from a similar, but different, business. This structure allows one customer purchase to support two separate Downtown Cincinnati merchants, and encourages the customer to potentially try a new business in downtown. The challenge of this program is in maintaining a detailed tracking sheet of all eligible gift card purchases submitted through an online submission form, and equitably distributing the matching gift card purchases among hundreds of downtown businesses, as well purchasing gift cards from each merchant and coordinating the logistics of the mailing the matching gift cards to over 1,000 participants.

Project Details

Cincy Card Connection Program

Cincinnati Center City Development Corporation (3CDC)


Marketing, Communications and Events
$7500001 and over