Innovative Projects

Downtown Activation and Public Art Initiative

The Downtown Activation and Public Art Initiative (DAPA) was created in 2012 to enliven Downtown Pittsburgh through a diverse and engaging use of public art, creative placemaking, and entrepreneurship. The initial goals of DAPA were to:

  • Create thoughtful and innovative programming to enliven unique areas, with an emphasis on nights and weekends;
  • Engage a diverse group of stakeholders to leverage their interest and expertise in program development;
  • Develop funding strategies that enable events to be self-sustaining, leveraging strong business models and creating corporate partnerships;
  • Include opportunities for local businesses to engage and benefit from the events as a way to expose businesses to new clients and increase sales.

The work has altered as programs originally launched as part of DAPA have now transitioned into self-sustaining initiatives at the PDP while others have supported new business concepts or the complete re-envisioning of public space. Through this initiative, the PDP has shown our board members and stakeholders how public art and activations can have a significant impact, enhancing the quality of life and the perceptions of downtown.

Project Details

Downtown Activation and Public Art Initiative (DAPA)

Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership


Marketing, Communications and Events
$5000001 - $7500000
$ 762,920