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Glebe Spree 150

Glebe Spree is an annual promotion by the Glebe Business Improvement Area (Glebe BIA) in Ottawa, Canada. Over the past seven years, it has become one of the neighborhood’s most successful traffic generators and an annual Glebe tradition. Running from November 15-December 31, Glebe Spree rewards shoppers receive a stamp for every $20 worth of purchases made at participating Glebe merchants. Once they have collected $200 worth of stamps, their ballot is eligible to enter the drawing for a $10,000 grand prize Glebe Shopping Spree. To mark Canada’s celebration of 150 years of Confederation, the BIA created a new, Canadiana-inspired Glebe Spree 150 contest. This enhanced format awarded shoppers with a stamp for every $15 purchase, making them eligible for entry after $150 has been collected. Glebe Spree 150 had 162 participating businesses, 81 total prize giveaways, and 31,557 ballots entered. The contest introduces top-of-mind awareness for the Glebe and Glebe merchants during a peak shopping period, creates a value proposition differentiating the Glebe from competing shopping destinations, encourages new and repeat visitation to the Glebe, and increases consumer spend during off-peak period shopping.

Project Details

Glebe Spree 150

Glebe BIA


Marketing and Communication
$600001 - $1000000