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Moore Square Improvements

Since 1792, Moore Square has been a place of gathering, reflection, entertainment, and recreation for the citizens of Raleigh. The four-acre downtown urban green space was originally conceived as one of five public green spaces for the City of Raleigh. In recent years, frequent large-scale events and daily use have taken their toll on the park’s vegetation, soils, and paving. This pressure, combined with the planned development in the surrounding neighborhood, prompted the city to renovate Moore Square to meet the changing needs of its users.

The design includes a building with a food and beverage servery, a park manager’s office, and restrooms. The building is seamlessly integrated into a civic plaza at the heart of the park that also features a shade trellis, an interactive water area, and children’s play area. The center of the square features an open green space for community events and programs. Surrounding the lawn are a series of “Grove Rooms” tucked below the canopy of a collection of trees that frame the square. The grove rooms were designed in collaboration with the project artist, Bard Goldberg.

The square was designed with a series of materials that draw from the historic character of the Moore Square Historic District including granite seat walls, paving with historic marker inlays, and low planter rails inspired by historic structures within the neighborhood. With safety as one of the public’s top priorities, the design includes integrated lighting that keeps a consistent level of light throughout the square. View lines are also kept open such that users can easily see throughout the square and to the surrounding context.

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Moore Square Improvements



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