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Project Downtown: Celebrating 10 Years of Implementation

Project Downtown: The Master Plan for Wichita is a 15-year community vision and blueprint for development in downtown Wichita, KS. The plan was adopted in December 2010 and has served as the community’s north arrow since then. The plan was founded on market economics with industry experts providing sound economic forecast information for commercial and residential development. Since then, the market potential in each of the real estate sectors has been frequently updated to ensure accurate and current data is available for development project due diligence.

The Downtown Wichita organization has served as the steward and champion for this plan and has helped foster over $1B in investment in the downtown core area since its adoption. Working in partnership with the public sector, the real estate community, and downtown stakeholders, Wichita has seen marked success due to the vision laid out in the master plan.

This year, we celebrate 10 years of the plan’s implementation and reflect on the challenges and successes along the way. Wichita’s unique approach sets this plan apart from many others across the county and has paved the way for more opportunities.

Project Details

Project Downtown: Celebrating 10 Years of Implementation

Downtown Wichita


Planning, Design and Infrastructure
$600001 - $1000000
$ 500,000