News from the Top

Light at the End of the Tunnel


Yes, news shows opened this morning with reports on how and when the cruise industry will reopen. It’s hard to imagine but even the industry we saw most frequently as a headline for the pending pandemic is beginning to plan for recovery. As vaccine deployment continues, signs of people’s willingness to re-engage with the outside world is growing. I’ve seen members begin to travel for business and personal interests. We’re at the edge — hold on just a little longer and we will be back.

Emerging from the pandemic has been on everyone’s mind, including ours at IDA. We have been working hard planning for the in-person 67th Annual Conference & Marketplace themed “Modern Momentum” taking place on October 20-22, 2021 in Tampa Florida. Yes, I said “in-person,“ because as projections stand now, kids will be back in school this fall and urban place management professionals will once again gather to connect, learn and celebrate. We will connect for the much-needed camaraderie lost over the prior 18 months. We will learn about building more inclusive and resilient districts while sharing strategies for long-term recovery. And finally, we will celebrate award-winning work from resilient urban place leaders throughout the world. We will congratulate the new cohort of Emerging Leader Fellows who continue their work online. We might even honor the first group of Certified Leaders in Place Management!

The call for conference sessions is open now as we look to explore solutions to the modern obstacles urban place management organizations are facing today and cover post-pandemic recovery efforts (session proposals are due Monday, April 12, 2021). Downtown Tampa will provide an amazing and re-invigorating experience for attendees and speakers alike. Be sure you add participation in “Modern Momentum” to your recovery plans!