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Promise for the Future


The new year is on the horizon and like many, we are preparing for an expanded year filled with more services, programs and a renewed sense of purpose. The holiday season, in general, brings hope for continued recovery in our communities but it’s the fortitude of IDA members that fuels my spirit.

Returning from San Francisco this week where Union Square Alliance hosted the California Downtown Association Annual Board Meeting, the square was festive and bright. Families and couples were smiling, capturing the Instagram moments, and enjoying a wonderful evening. While reminiscent of the past, the scene also held a promise for the future.

The neighboring financial district was launching SF Glow for the holidays, and along with other activations, continues to breathe life and hope into their neighborhood. The district was formed just three years ago and is already making a difference, not only through professional place management but also by taking a leadership position to help the city examine new economic development opportunities in a post-pandemic environment. I’m thankful to know there are IDA members in our cities that choose to shine light and provide hope as we welcome a new year ahead and look forward to an even stronger recovery moving forward.