Advancing Places: Membership and Fundraising

Membership and fundraising during given the rise of financial insecurity amid a public health crisis. Learn from three practitioners from three different types of organizations on how they are working to engage and retain members and stakeholders during these challenging times. Bring your questions for a lively conversation!

NYC BID Trends Report – Telling the Story of NYC BIDs

The annual NYC BID Trends Report targets multiple audiences, serving both a promotional and educational role for the public and NYC BIDs themselves. SBS collects, analyzes, and features program output data, budget information, and highlights of exceptional programming in this report each year. The report highlights the overall impact and financial data for all BIDs and expense and output data organized by comparable BID cohorts. The report also provides financial and output data from individual BIDs.

2019 Staffing & Salary Survey

IDA’s Staffing and Salary Survey is the most comprehensive benchmark on staffing and compensation trends in the U.S. and Canadian urban place management industry. The report includes data on top executive compensation, average salaries for 18 common positions, organizational budget and other characteristics. The survey also presents an extensive array of cross-tabulations showing how salaries, staffing and other topics vary by geographic region, organization type, budget and more.

Good Governance: It may not be sexy, it’s the key to success

Governance is a constant work in progress, evolving and responding to changes in policy, regulation and the needs of volunteer Board/Commission members. NYC, Toronto and Chicago will share best practices of their BIDs/BIAs. While each city has approached governance differently, the three municipalities recognize that success of the districts relies heavily on good governance.