Winthrop Family Historical Garden

Twenty years after the original dedication of the Winthrop Family Historical Garden, the garden had become overgrown and was not serving the community in the way it was originally intended. Made possible through city grant funding, Uptown United was able to oversee a complete garden renovation to better align with current community needs.

Baird Urban Sports Park

The Baird Urban Sports Park was created to capture downtown Louisville’s urban experience and historic character while expanding and reimagining its use. What was an underutilized and undeveloped 20,000 square-foot vacant lot in the heart of downtown is now a public urban sports park, intended to encourage public community use through open play hours, and offer a unique downtown experience.

The Future of Parks

Managing parks takes time, resources and people determined to succeed. From operations and maintenance to planning for programs and events, employing the assistance of cutting-edge technology can quickly yield results. Dynamic management systems can make every site a case study unto itself. The lessons learned from one park can be scaled and applied to other public places as well.

Moore Square Improvements

The four-acre downtown urban green space was originally conceived as one of five public green spaces for the City of Raleigh. In recent years, frequent large-scale events and daily use have taken their toll on the park’s vegetation, soils, and paving. This pressure, combined with the planned development in the surrounding neighborhood, prompted the city to renovate Moore Square to meet the changing needs of its users.

Advancing Places: Planters, Parks and Greenspace

The relationship between greenspace and the urban environment can have a profound effect on a district’s public space. This webinar will focus on how a team in Austin, TX raised the standards of urban horticulture in their area.  Panelists will discuss how to implement sustainable methods for planting downtown, from starting up a program and identifying partners to plant selection, soil science and innovative tools for management.

Advancing Places: Public Space

This practical and tactical session will address the opportunities and challenges downtowns and commercial districts have in repositioning our public spaces in the post-COVID-19 world. The panelists will address flexible design strategies, safe and healthy operations and working with businesses, public agencies and partners to creatively address new uses and demands for our sidewalks, streets and open spaces.

Building the Value Proposition of Urban Park Management

Learn from leading experts in urban park management and improvement projects across the United States. The session will help build your value proposition for enhancing and investing in high-quality public spaces and green space, and in turn building value for the property surrounding your urban parks.

From Creation to Curation: Inclusive, Experimental Approaches to Furniture

Outdoor furniture can fundamentally shape the way people engage with a public space. But curating furniture that addresses a place’s unique needs, characteristics and culture can be a challenge. This presentation highlights how different place managers empowered artists and designers to craft furniture that elevates the public space and connects it to the surrounding city.

The Downtown Huntsville Tinsel Trail

Tinsel Trail is a free display of live Christmas trees in Downtown Huntsville’s Big Spring Park. Over 300 trees decorate Big Spring Park for the holiday season. Downtown Huntsville, Inc. purchases the trees and then sells them to local companies, community groups, and individuals who then decorate the trees to their own custom theme. The event is free to the public and open 24/7. Special activities such as family fun runs, musical performances and caroling occur throughout the event.

Garment District Urban Garden on Broadway

The Garment District Alliance, a business improvement district in midtown Manhattan, transformed Broadway into the Garment District Urban Garden. In partnership with the New York City Department of Transportation, this seasonal placemaking program was built around closing two blocks on Broadway from 36th to 37th Streets and 39th to 40th Streets for twelve weeks. The increased public space featured an array of amenities and activities for New Yorkers and visitors alike.

Downtown Topeka Public Space

The Kansas Avenue Project is a collaborative effort to address infrastructure replacement and topside enhancements responsive to improving the quality of place and encourage reinvestment and business activity in downtown Topeka. Public and private partnership raised $3.8 millon toward the creation of pocket parks, pavilions, fountains, arches, medallions, statues and state symbols that add to the beauty and appeal of downtown Topeka.

The Square on 21st Street

Downtown Denver has long recognized the lack of park space in the Ballpark and Arapahoe Square districts of downtown. As the residential population of Downtown continues to rise so is the demand on the little existing open space. This pop-up park asked the question, “What if we repurposed and rethought our shared public realm in a way that provides new quality outdoor green space growing downtown for our residents to play outdoors?”

Top Issues Council: A Practical Guide to Great Urban Parks

This publication is a resource guide for both current and potential park stakeholders (government partners, public sector partners, and private-sector partners) to advance collaboration and capacity building within the management of an urban park to maximize benefits, while equitably and intelligently sharing costs and responsibilities. The results: A dynamic, thriving space that is accessible to all.