Sponsorship Fundraising

Case-studies from Downtown Mesa Association, Tenderloin Community Benefit District, and East Cut Community Benefit District about nontraditional fund development strategies. Place management organizations are going beyond assessments and finding sources to support programs that build communities in their neighborhoods through activation, programming, economic development, and more.

Advancing Places: Public Private Partnerships for Placemaking and Activations

Activating public space is crucial to bringing people back to the district as we move into recovery mode. Making this happen takes a lot of work developing the right partnerships to make your activations successful. Learn from two seasoned professionals how they approached activations during the pandemic and how they are moving into recovery mode which includes incorporating storefronts to benefit businesses more directly.

Bringing Innovation to Sponsorships

The most unique and successful sponsorships utilize available assets such as events, initiatives, infrastructure and more to deepen a connection with the target audiences. If a BID is innovative and nimble when developing the sponsorship strategy and activation, both the sponsor and the BID will win. A strong activation is defined by the way the brand/sponsor, assets and promotional levers are used together to drive results and tell a larger story.

Tyler Norris Master Talk

Tyler Norris, MDiv, is an entrepreneur and founder of over a dozen businesses and social ventures. His three decades of service in the public, private and non-profit sectors have focused on population health, community vitality, and equitable prosperity. Currently, he serves as vice president, Total Health Partnerships at Kaiser Permanente, where he helps lead the implementation of “anchor institution” work.

Paul Jordan Master Talk

Paul Jordan is the CEO of The Forks North Portage Partnership in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Having a passion for the continued development of Winnipeg, Paul has been active in the creation of waterfront access projects, which have led to multiple initiatives within the city. He was instrumental in the creation and implementation of Target Zero, The Forks’ environmental vision to reach zero carbon emissions.

Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest

For over 25 years, Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest, produced by the Downtown Fort Collins Business Association (DBA), has been an example of spirited collaboration, extensive outreach, elaborate planning and far-reaching economic and cultural impact. This family-friendly, three-day music festival is co-produced by the DBA and Bohemian Nights and is a primary fundraiser for the DBA’s year-round programming and public space initiatives.

The Neighborhood Your Brand Built

Managing a brand is just as complex, challenging, and occasionally joyful as managing a place is. In the age of social media and global competition, districts rely on brand to communicate their character and deliver impressions. Though varied in scale, geography, and governance, these districts share a common understanding of the vital role place brands play in expressing the essence of a location.

12 Steps to Sponsorship Success

This presentation teaches the proper sales method for garnering the most sponsorships in any economy and how to position your sponsorship so that people want to buy it. You will be given the 12 steps needed to ensure sponsorship success from initial concept, to taking inventory, to establishing media partners, to determining your best partners, the sales process, making the sale, and post event follow up to ensure renewal.

Teaming Up To Clean Up

Teaming Up To Clean Up showcases partnerships with local stakeholders to clean and beautify their cities. Best practices include businesses and communities working together to improve storefronts, and reduce graffiti and litter while focusing on cigarette litter, recycling, and needle waste. Case studies in this presentation show how organizations can achieve best practices in maintaining cleanliness and building vibrancy in urban settings.