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2030 Strategic Vision Plan

Downtown Greensboro is the economic hub of North Carolina’s Triad region, and it reflects the history, diversity, energy, and talents of the entire community. Every 10 years, Downtown Greensboro, Inc. (DGI) partners with the City of Greensboro and Guilford County to set a course for the next decade of Downtown development and growth. Past plans have focused resources for strategic investments, catalytic projects and transformative programs.

Downtown Greensboro enjoyed several years of economic growth and community reinvestment in the 2010s. With signature projects breaking ground and trends favoring downtown environments, the center city was poised to continue this trajectory. In 2019, DGI, the City and County—in collaboration with consultants MIG, Inc.—began the 2030 Strategic Vision Plan (Plan) by asking community members how Downtown should look, feel and function in the year 2030.

After capturing thousands of ideas, a unique and clear vision emerged: a Downtown that reflects the creativity, grit and enterprising spirit of its residents. Words like “buzzing,” “open” “genuine” and “entrepreneurial” became the guideposts for Plan recommendations. 

The Draft Plan was formed with a set of goals, strategies and “Big Moves” to transform Downtown over the next decade. And then COVID-19 swept across the world, upending everyday life and threatening the foundations of Downtown’s vibrancy. Given the dramatic changes brought on by the pandemic – as well as a renewed movement for racial justice and social equity – DGI and its partners asked the Greensboro community to reassess the draft recommendations to gauge priorities may have shifted. This resulting strategic plan balances the need for short-term recovery with bold ideas to transform and enliven the city center over the next decade and beyond. The Plan focuses on creating authentic experiences and expanding opportunity for all Greensboro residents, by harnessing the creativity, ingenuity and determination of this distinctive community.

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2030 Strategic Vision Plan

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