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IKE Smart City helps cities, BIDs, and DMOs connect with the public through interactive digital kiosks that drive discovery, mobility, and equity, encouraging a pedestrian-oriented environment. Sister company, Orange Barrel Media designs and operates iconic out-of-home media that adds to the character of urban places. Together, IKE and OBM pioneer smart city technology and landmark media to improve lives in cities.

Contact: Jibran Shermohammed, Vice President of Development & Corporate Counsel
(770) 714-9174

City Builders


Contact: Kathryn McKissick, Vice President


Contact: Robert Buckley, Director of Sales & Marketing
(877) 815-9276


Contact: Chris Beynon, Principal
(510) 845-5168


Contact: Jenni Matthews, Head of Marketing
+44 (0)7377 414371

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