Top Issues Councils

The IDA Top Issues Councils are a strategic research initiative that brings together industry leaders to produce research briefs on the top urban issues identified by IDA members. Each council is led by a chair, comprised of place management professionals sharing their expert knowledge, and supported by both IDA staff and the IDA Research Committee. Those selected to serve on a council contribute their expertise to the growing body of knowledge on the place management industry and provide meaningful tools and information to IDA members.

The 2019 Councils explored the following topics and release reports with meaningful tools and case studies for place management organizations.

Housing Attainability Council

Municipal Partnerships Council

Smart Cities, Smart Districts

  • How can place management organizations best navigate the complexities of new technologies to more effectively manage their districts and create vibrant environments? Report release date TBA.

This year brought together 45 members serving on the following six Councils to write reports with sharing case studies, resources and solutions.

Economic Development Council

Inclusive Places Council

Nighttime Economy Council

Parking Management Council

Place Branding Council

  • The Place Branding Council explores the features that make downtowns and urban spaces unique among others – those quirky spaces and interesting places that define an urban experience. Best practices, lessons learned, and surprising tips can assist planners in defining strategies for physical manifestations of their community’s cultures in public spaces in a powerfully authentic way. The report, Place Branding: Best Practices and Strategies to Brand and Market Your District, is available for purchase on our publications page.

Urban Mobility Council

  • The Urban Mobility Council explores the role place management organizations play in planning and implementing projects that improve connectivity in city centers including public transportation, bike infrastructure, transportation network companies and autonomous vehicles and how UPMOs can assist with transportation projects at every level – working with the community, government entities and transportation agencies. The report, Urban Mobility: The Role of Urban Place Management Organizations in Prioritizing Connectivity, is available for purchase on our publications page.

In 2017, over 50 IDA members served on six Councils, each authoring a guidebook for sharing trends and recommendations.

Alley Activations Council

Bicycle Improvements and Policy Council

Diverse Retail Mix Council

Homelessness Council

Safety and Security Council

Urban Parks Council

  • The Urban Parks Council explores the definition of a great urban park, how it works, and how it is funded. The Council addresses how current and potential park stakeholders can advance collaboration and capacity building within the management of an urban park to maximize benefits, while equitably and intelligently sharing costs and responsibilities to create dynamic, thriving spaces that are accessible to all. The report, A Practical Guide to Great Urban Parks: How to Benefit from and Finance your Urban Park, is available for purchase on our publications page.

In its inaugural year, 47 IDA members and industry experts collaborated on the following six Councils and produced reports with meaningful tools for IDA members to use in their daily work.

Authenticity Council

  • The Authenticity Council explores elements and practices that contribute to the authenticity of a place, geared towards benefiting the daily work of city builders, planners, place managers and community leaders. The Council aims to help stakeholders understand the fundamentals of their downtown and recognize the characteristics that build authenticity. The report, Maintaining Authenticity of Place, is available for purchase on our publications page.

Commercial Development Council

  • The Commercial Development Council provides an overarching view of the evolution of commercial development throughout the past fifty years. The Council explores the role of urban place management organizations in attracting commercial investment and recommends solutions, tools and resources for UPMOs. The report, Attracting Commercial Development: Tools and Case Studies, is available for purchase on our publications page.

Downtown Residential Council

Partnerships for Place Management Council

  • The Partnerships for Place Management Council explores how place management organizations utilize public-private partnerships (P3) as a method to advance city-building goals by leveraging the unique expertise and strengths that partners have. The report, Partnerships for Urban Place Management, is available for purchase on our publications page.

Pedestrian Improvements Council

  • The Pedestrian Improvements Council explores the pedestrian experience through the lens of education, planning, enforcement and technology. The Council addresses challenges and provides case studies and potential paths to follow to created successful pedestrian facilities. The report, Prioritizing Pedestrian Improvements, is available for purchase on our publications page.

Public Spaces Council

Serving on an IDA Top Issues Council provides an opportunity for an engaged leadership role within IDA; to have your work recognized and published; to share expert knowledge; to connect with fellow practitioners; to expand your network; to learn more in depth about a topic relevant to your work; and to contribute to the growing, relevant body of knowledge on the place management industry. IDA Research also accepts your ideas for future Council topics. Contact IDA’s Research Department to learn more about the Councils.

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