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Featured Jobs

JOB - Chief Executive Officer - November 28, 2023

Lafayette Downtown Development Authority

Lafayette, LA

JOB - Director of Events & Placemaking - November 16, 2023

Downtown Lynchburg Association

Lynchburg, VA

JOB - Vice President, Communications & Membership - November 13, 2023

Central Atlanta Progress (CAP)/Atlanta Downtown Improvement District (ADID)

Atlanta, Georgia

JOB - Director of Public Space Initiatives - November 07, 2023

Milwaukee Downtown, Business Improvement District #21

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

JOB - President/CEO - October 30, 2023

Downtown Memphis Commission (DMC)

Memphis, TN

JOB - DDB/CRA Assistant Director - October 30, 2023

Community Redevelopment Agency

Orlando, FL

JOB - Street Life Manager - October 24, 2023

San Jose Downtown Association

San Jose, CA

JOB - Executive Director - October 13, 2023

Downtown Lafayette Unlimited

Lafayette, LA

JOB - Marketing Manager - October 13, 2023

Downtown Frederick Partnership

Frederick, MD

JOB - Manager, Planning and Mobility - October 10, 2023

The Energy Corridor District (District)

Houston, TX


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RFP - Powell Street Improvement Project - November 29, 2023

Union Square Alliance

San Francisco, CA

RFP - Clean and Safety Service Provider - November 03, 2023

Oakland Chinatown Improvement Council (OCIC)

Oakland, CA

RFP - Event Planning Consultant/Agency - October 10, 2023

East Village Association (EVA)

San Diego, CA