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311 to Salesforce Integration Project

The DowntownDC BID worked with its contractor, Cube84, to integrate the BID’s instance of Salesforce-based database to the District of Columbia’s 311, non-emergency hotline. The BID works to monitor elements of public space such as sidewalks, streetlights, and street signs to help ensure they stay in a state of good repair. The BID reports defects in public space to 311 (refered to as cases) and works directly with the city agencies to ensure repairs are made in a timely manner. Before this project there was no organized system to report and track these cases outside of an excel document.

The BID typically has 75-100 cases open at any given time. Submitting, tracking, and reporting on these cases was proving time consuming and difficult. Cube84 proposed a solution. They were able to integrate the BID’s instance of Salesforce directly to the city’s 311 API. Now, the BID can submit cases to 311 from Salesforce. This allows the BID to take advantage of all of Salesforce’s regular functionality when submitting and tracking public space defects. This includes being able to build custom dashboards to track different statistics about defects. For example, the BID can track how many requests come from property managers every month, or how many cases have surpassed the city’s service level agreement, all in one place. The best part is that the tracking and reporting is 100 percent automated. Additionally, the BID can track interactions with property managers, city employees, or other stakeholders all within the case entry.

The project has increased efficiency in the process by well over 100 percent. Managing and reporting on cases has never been easier. The project has improved the efficiency, organization, and efficacy of tracking public space defects in DowntownDC.

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311 to Salesforce Integration Project

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