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Bonaventure Projet: From Expressway to Promenade

More than one-half mile of elevated expressway was demolished in the heart of downtown Montréal to make way for a new ground-level urban boulevard and over six acres of continuous public space. For more than 50 years, the elevated Bonaventure Expressway cut across the city centre. This major thoroughfare was the main gateway to downtown Montréal from the Champlain Bridge crossing the mighty St. Lawrence River. It accommodated more than 27,000 vehicles per day, including 1,900 buses. Rather than extending the service life of this structure, built in 1966, the city opted for a large-scale redevelopment, the first of its kind in Canada. It created an elegant, functional and people-oriented gateway to downtown Montréal, meshing together districts that were isolated by the elevated expressway, and supporting private mixed-use development in the area. This bold initiative is the core of the Bonaventure Projet, the latter spearheaded entirely by the city’s administration and completed on time and on budget in September 2017 (CAN$141.7 million).

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Bonaventure Projet: From Expressway to Promenade

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