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Boynton Harbor Marina Redevelopment Project

The Boynton Harbor Marina is the eastern anchor to Boynton Beach’s downtown district and continues to add to the overall success of the Boynton Beach CRA’s redevelopment efforts. January 2017 marked the completion of the final phase, the Marina Open Space Project, one of three redevelopment phases of the Marina Redevelopment Plan. Preserving the unique history of the commercial fishing marina dating back to the 1940s, the marina was purchased by the Boynton Beach CRA for the purpose of maintaining the “working waterfront” and ensuring public access to the marina. The Boynton Beach CRA owns Boynton Harbor Marina, one of the few publicly owned commercial marinas left in Florida, with nineteen, water-activity related businesses (fishing charters, jet-ski rentals, dive charters, and boat rentals) and three thriving waterfront restaurants. This has improved economic opportunities for the commercial marine businesses and restaurants within the marina. The Boynton Beach CRA’s purchase, construction and operation of the commercial marina and the creation of much needed public waterfront areas is consistent with the mission of the Boynton Beach CRA and is an integral component of the Boynton Beach Downtown Vision & Master Plan and 2016 Boynton Beach Community Redevelopment Plan.

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Completion of the Boynton Harbor Marina Redevelopment Project

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