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Downtown Los Angeles Virtual Tour Platform

The DTLA Virtual Tour platform is an innovative tool developed by the Downtown Center BID to showcase the Downtown Los Angeles real estate market, its most significant properties, public spaces, and development projects, to investors, developers, brokers, and prospective commercial and residential tenants. With a dynamic combination of interactive technology, digital mapping, high-definition photography, and drone video footage, along with in-depth market statistics and project specs from the DCBID’s industry-leading Quarterly Market Report, the DTLA Virtual Tour offers both a bird’s-eye view and a deep-dive exploration of the continuing transformation of one of the country’s most exciting markets. Unlike our traditional bus tours, you can experience this tour from anywhere in the world, at any time of day or night.

Pre-pandemic, the DCBID offered a variety of popular in-person tours, including regular housing, office, retail, and custom tours. Our signature DTLA Development Tour was designed to bring our Quarterly Market Report to life for real estate and other industry professionals. During the COVID-19 crisis, the DCBID continued to release our Market Reports but halted in-person tours.

Amidst the shutdowns, construction continued on most major development projects, but negative narratives began to arise about the future of urban centers. As a leading advocate for the ongoing revitalization of DTLA, it was important for the DCBID to continue providing information about the long-term viability and the enduring appeal of the DTLA market, to our stakeholders, prospective investors, potential tenants, and the general public. Unable to do so with traditional in-person methods, we needed a new vehicle for promoting the future of Downtown – thus was born the DTLA Virtual Tour.

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Downtown Los Angeles Virtual Tour Platform

Downtown Center BID


Economic Development
$5000001 - $7500000
Los Angeles