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Sha'p Left Community Primary Health Care Hub

A containerized community clinic providing accessible, affordable primary health care to commuters in a busy, inner-city downtown area.

In South Africa, only 17 in 100 people have access to quality private health care. This leaves around 45 million people relying on the public health system. Most of this group are low-income earners, living in high-density growing urban areas, who cannot afford to pay high prices for health care.

Bellville is the secondary city to Cape Town, South Africa. There is a dire need for a centrally-located primary healthcare unit in the Bellville CBD, to bridge the gap between expensive private care and over-subscribed public facilities. Responding to this need, the Greater Tygerberg Partnership (GTP) collaborated with the Cipla Foundation to launch a new community-based healthcare hub at the Bellville public transport interchange (PTI) to provide primary healthcare services, eye care and a chronic medicine pick-up point to the scores of commuters that pass through Bellville.

The solution was a new facility that could be rolled out quickly, and which could service the basic healthcare needs of a significant number of patients, offering a fee-for-service option to patients.

Called the Sha’p Left Centre, the hub comprises three fully-fitted reused shipping containers with capacity to treat 80 patients per day. The concept was developed by the Cipla Foundation and brought to Bellville with the facilitated assistance of the GTP. The centre is run as a business by nursing practitioners who receive training and other skills development training

Patients on chronic medication collect their medication at the hub while in transit to work or going home. The alternative for many of these patients would be to take the day off work and join long queues at their local clinic or hospital – which would invariably mean lost income.

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Sha'p Left Community Primary Health Care Hub

Greater Tygerberg Partnership


Public Space Management and Operations
$5000001 - $7500000
Bellville, Cape Town
South Africa