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Street Show Artists Unite for Justice

Street Show Artists Unite for Justice was a virtual expansion of our street performance program that produced live streaming shows from our regular slate of street performers, as well as specially recorded and edited “Street Show Gems” that were taped at quintessential locations throughout downtown Minneapolis. Following George Floyd’s killing, all artist payments were matched by Mpls DID contributions to social justice organizations selected by the participating artists. From May through October there were 48 live streamed Street Show events and 8 recorded Gem performances from a talented and diverse array of local performers.

There are several street performance programs in districts throughout the country. Many of these programs shifted to online, virtual strategies during the pandemic. What made the Street Show program unique was the way we acknowledged the combined impacts on our participating artists of the pandemic and social unrest that followed the killing of George Floyd.

Project Details

Street Show Artists Unite for Justice

Minneapolis Downtown Improvement District


Marketing, Communications and Events
$5000001 - $7500000