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The Lower Polk Tenant Landlord Clinic

The Lower Polk Tenant Landlord Clinic (TLC) is an innovative homelessness prevention program serving the historic Lower Polk district of San Francisco. The clinic’s primary mission is to help vulnerable residents save their homes by avoiding eviction. It does this by providing tenants and landlords services to work out problems collaboratively, without destructive litigation. This is achieved through robust outreach, education, counseling, referral services, mediation and other forms of constructive conflict engagement. Known affectionately as “TLC,” the program delivers a holistic interdisciplinary approach to the housing crisis: homelessness is often the result of multiple intersectional challenges and barriers. Therefore, the TLC brings together a coalition of experts in myriad disciplines to address the diverse needs of our target at risk populations. In its first year of operation, TLC helped 87 people save their home. Another 93 tenants and landlords received guidance that reduced tensions and re-established working relationships.

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The Lower Polk Tenant Landlord Clinic

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