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Work Great on A Great Street

ORBA launched Singapore’s first precinct-wide health initiative to bring the fight against diabetes to one of Singapore’s largest retail districts. Work Great on A Great Street was ORBA’s first strategic, long-term collaboration with the HPB to create a healthier workplace on Orchard Road through a series of health events and programmes.

The year-long activities were designed to cater to workers in the precinct, based on their age, work nature and schedule, so as to allow them to conveniently step out from their workplaces, be they retail shops, restaurants, cafes or hotels, to participate.

More than 400 workout sessions and other activities including cooking classes were planned throughout the year and conveniently situated at various points along Orchard Road. They were organised in partnership with several landlords and tenants in the precinct.

Singapore Medical Specialists Centre (SMSC), the Exclusive Medical Partner for Work Great on A Great Street, conducted complimentary health screenings and workshops by experienced medical professionals.

ORBA also organised informative health talks to educate participants on healthy eating and health issues pertinent to Singaporeans. Participants were also given tips on how to remain healthy amid hectic lifestyles.

All the above were provided free of charge to all staff and tenants.

Some main challenges faced include getting stakeholders on board; initial on-ground inertia from participants in joining the programmes; lack of awareness of the programme and slow take-up rate of the activities.

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Work Great on A Great Street

Orchard Road Business Association


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