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Organizational Management

Place management harnesses and captures the value and growth potential that unique places have. It is the role of the place manager to uphold the strategic plan, implementing a sustainable revenue stream, working within the confines of local and state legislation, establishing and maintaining various taxing and levy structures, and managing a diverse and inclusive staff. Place managers focus on consensus building and negotiating to effectively manage relationships and solve complex place-based problems.

12 Steps to Sponsorship Success

April 15, 2019 Presentation

This presentation teaches the proper sales method for garnering the most sponsorships in any economy and how to position your sponsorship so that people want to buy it. You will be given the 12 steps needed to ensure sponsorship success from initial concept, to taking inventory, to establishing media partners, to determining your best partners, the sales process, making the sale, and post event follow up to ensure renewal.

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The Economic and Cultural Impact of Downtown University and College Campuses

April 15, 2019 Webinar

Are you maximizing the potential of your downtown’s town/gown relationship? Across North America, downtowns and higher education are forging partnerships by embedding classrooms and campuses in the downtown core, producing an enhanced college experience for students and increased economic vitality for downtowns. This webinar’s presenters share their experiences with their own town/gown relationships.

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