Leadership in Place Management (LPM) Certification Appeal Procedure

Appeal Request Form

An appeal must be submitted to the International Downtown Association (IDA) using the below Appeal Request Form within ten (10) business days of an adverse decision. The appeal must be in writing and detail the dates, nature and events of the appeal. Failure to pass the examination may not be appealed. 

The appeal shall be considered at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the LPM Commission. All determinations regarding appeals will be decided by two-thirds vote of the LPM Commission.  

Notification will be sent by email within ten (10) business days of final determination of the LPM Commission of whether the appeal has been accepted or denied. No member of the LPM Commission will communicate directly with the applicant filing the appeal. All communications concerning the appeal will be made between the IDA staff representative and the applicant. All decisions of the LPM Commission are final. If you have any questions, please contact certification@downtown.org.