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This week we open registration for IDA’s 70th Annual Conference & Marketplace being held in Seattle September 11-13, 2024. Aptly themed, Inspiring Innovation and Impact, we look to the majestic Pacific Northwest and the city of Seattle to help us envision how best to shape the future of downtowns and commercial neighborhoods. We will undoubtedly connect and learn from one another as we always do at this annual gathering, but most importantly, I believe we will unite behind a call to action as leaders for inclusive city building.

The world is experiencing vast uncertainties. With several wars, ongoing protests, continued inflation and economic questions, ever-polarized politics, and, of course, an election season that will prove to be extraordinarily contentious on many levels. These are the times when clear strategic focus and leadership are needed most. Our cities continue to navigate the future of work and lagging retail and are challenged to help deliver vast amounts of housing at all levels needed to accommodate demand. In the U.S. alone, estimates a 7.2 million home shortage. While the world is focused on national and international news, IDA members will be focused on the task at hand – shaping cities for the future, one block at a time.

I hope you will make it a point to join us in Seattle to be amongst fellow city builders from global organizations large, medium and small. Bring your staff, invite your board members! Take this opportunity to commune with like-minded professionals working towards a similar goal of creating successful, vibrant and inclusive communities for all.

Registration for the 70th Annual Conference & Marketplace is open. Please visit to view the program, make travel plans and register yourself and your team today. Attendees will have a chance to explore many of downtown Seattle’s 12 neighborhoods—a mixture of historic and modern—as well as surrounding districts, each with its own unique character. Get ready to experience this global city that continues to reshape how the world lives, works, shops and plays!