Autonomous Vehicles

Adelee Grand Master Talk

Adelee Le Grand is a leader, with over two decades of experience, who is passionate about utilizing mobility as a tool to create and sustain vibrant equitable communities. As the HART CEO, she is focused on elevating the value of Public Mobility as the foundation of environmentally sustainable equitable communities.

Curb Your Enthusiasm: It’s Not Just About Cars Anymore

The advent of smart and shared transportation systems, spanning from automated shuttles to electric scooters, is rapidly changing mobility in our downtowns. From creating loading zones for rideshare pick-ups, finding space for expanded bike share docks, and defining micro-mobility parking zones, to re-purposing travel lanes, designing shared spaces, managing increased shipping + deliveries, and removing parking requirements, downtowns across the country are handling new challenges creatively.

Tackling Parking and Transportation

Preparing for an uncertain parking and transportation future. Panelists dive deep into how downtowns and college campuses are working together to address parking challenges. Case study examples include North Carolina State University, University of Alabama Birmingham, and Arizona State University, and how to start thinking about planning for shared autonomous vehicles.

Tony Seba Master Talk

Tony Seba is a lecturer in entrepreneurship disruption, and clean energy at Stanford University, a serial Silicon Valley entrepreneur and a world-renowned thought leader and speaker. He is the author of the #1 best-selling book “Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation – How Silicon Valley Will Make Oil, Nuclear, Natural Gas, Coal, Electric Utilities and Conventional Cars Obsolete by 2030”.

Rod Schebesch Master Talk

Rod Schebesch, Transportation Leader, Stantec’s Urban Place, has spent his 26-year career enhancing mobility. He specializes in the implementation of new transportation technology—and in understanding how that technology will transform North American transportation networks. With a focus on building smarter cities, Rod is always striving to find greater infrastructure efficiencies that positively impact the built environment.

Top Issues Council: Urban Mobility

Urban place management organizations can have a positive impact on urban mobility in their communities in a variety of different ways, from direct involvement to policy advocacy. The Council looks at public transportation, the growing demand for bike infrastructure, and the emergence of technology-driven changes to how people traverse urban places in the 21st century. This report provides suggestions and case studies meant to demonstrate the role UPMOs can play in the context of urban mobility.

Are You Ready for the Mobility (R)Evolution?

In this master talk Jason Schrieber, AICP, Senior Principal at Stantec breaks down what the autonomous vehicle revolution will mean for downtowns and mobility, as well as the opportunities created by the coming mobility revolution.

The AV Future is Now to See

Through case studies in more than 10 locations, participants will learn about community speed AVs now ready for the streets and ways to prepare their cities for AVs. Special attention will be paid to transformational opportunities for economic growth, re-envisioning place and expanding mobility for all. Together the panelists will provide a “road app” for sound AV deployment including use and business cases, funding sources, and more.

Urban Mobility: The Role of Urban Place Management Organizations in Prioritizing Connectivity in Dowtnowns

Urban place management organizations are nimble in navigating transportation issues. The session will discuss trends and how UMPOs play an essential role in planning and implementing projects that improve connectivity in city centers including public transportation, bike infrastructure, transportation network companies and autonomous vehicles. UPMOs assist transportation projects at every level working with the community, government, and transportation agencies through every stage.

Fasten Your Seatbelt: What the Coming Mobility Revolution Means for Your Downtown

Smart mobility technology that promises to make transportation more accessible, inclusive, and equitable could dramatically transform our downtowns. But how? What are the larger implications of the rise of autonomous vehicles? Stantec’s Urban Places smart mobility experts will explore autonomy’s implications for downtown development and get you up to speed on this paradigm shift and how to adapt.