Top Issues Council: Urban Mobility

Urban place management organizations can have a positive impact on urban mobility in their communities in a variety of different ways, from direct involvement to policy advocacy. The Council looks at public transportation, the growing demand for bike infrastructure, and the emergence of technology-driven changes to how people traverse urban places in the 21st century. This report provides suggestions and case studies meant to demonstrate the role UPMOs can play in the context of urban mobility.

Top Issues Council: Adjusting to the Changing Parking Landscape

The goal of the IDA Parking Top Issues Council report is to address the broad menu of parking challenges downtowns face as they function today and plan for the future. This report unpacks competing priorities related to parking, identify items to consider when addressing common parking issues, and find some best practices to research further. This report will also highlight three success stories, offer lessons learned from real-life scenarios and provide takeaways for your downtowns.

Are You Ready for the Mobility (R)Evolution?

In this master talk Jason Schrieber, AICP, Senior Principal at Stantec breaks down what the autonomous vehicle revolution will mean for downtowns and mobility, as well as the opportunities created by the coming mobility revolution.

Fasten Your Seatbelt: What the Coming Mobility Revolution Means for Your Downtown

Smart mobility technology that promises to make transportation more accessible, inclusive, and equitable could dramatically transform our downtowns. But how? What are the larger implications of the rise of autonomous vehicles? Stantec’s Urban Places smart mobility experts will explore autonomy’s implications for downtown development and get you up to speed on this paradigm shift and how to adapt.