Disaster Preparedness

Advancing Places: Working with Media and Managing PR Campaigns

Communications is an important part of our work in urban place management. Two experienced practitioners, both downtown leaders with extensive marketing & communications backgrounds, to learn how they are building relationships with media, what the media is looking for in news stories, and how to go beyond traditional media relations to take control of your district’s story. We’ll also dive into crisis communications and some tips on planning and executing an effective PR campaign.

Advancing Places: Resilience in Managing Places

Managing all aspects of leading a business district can be challenging at times. View this webinar to learn from three case studies that address the need for managing public spaces for demonstrations while also working to support street front and small businesses during a pandemic.

Advancing Places: Emergency Preparedness

Urban place management organizations are increasingly at the forefront of emergency preparedness. Today, UPMOs are working closer than ever with members, security and building managers, police and fire departments and government emergency professionals to ensure a safe and secure district. Hear from expert panelists on their approach to planning, training and communication strategies that can be scaled for any size district.

Shock Absorber: Bouncing Back from Major Crises

2020 may be the year that tested our fortitude more than any other in a generation. Beyond COVID, it seems that downtowns everywhere have become the epicenter for other shocks such as environment damage, economic impacts and social unrest. Join the conversation as we explore how communities in different contexts have responded to various shocks to their system and how they built back stronger.

Coordination and Communication Lessons Learned from Civil Unrest

Urban place management organizations around the would have faced many challenges during 2020. Many districts have seen significant protest activity as many around the world speak up against inequality and for social change. This session will discuss coordination and communication lessons learned from Minneapolis and Washington, DC. No one city has all the answers in how best to prepare and respond, so this session will also feature time to learn from each other.

BID Responses for Emergency

BID’s play an important role as a liaison between the public and private sector. Downtown stakeholders rely on BID’s to ensure they receive accurate information regarding critical incidents that affect the people working and living downtown. Join this session to hear from subject matter experts about the role BIDs can play in emergency preparedness, planning, response, and recovery. Become a BID with a robust emergency plan and notification system prepared to respond and recover effectively when a disaster strikes.

What’s Our Real Role With Homelessness

Work with representatives from Arizona State University’s Watts College of Public Service & Community Solutions to strategize what is truly a BID’s role in homelessness?

Sponsorships, Marketing and the Controlled Chaos of Events

This session is designed to aid districts in navigating the ins and outs of event sponsorships and marketing. Learn about knowing what types of events best suit your districts, when and what to market, as well as how to capitalize on sponsorship opportunities. Case studies include Pittsburgh’s “Picklesburg,” Wilmington’s hurricane recovery events and Hartford’s multitiered space activation.

Improving Safety, Security, and Emergency Preparedness

The Golden Triangle BID, adjacent to the White House and in the heart of Washington’s central business district, has a unique understanding of the post 9-11 paradigm and has responded by creating a safety, security, and emergency preparedness program that is rapidly becoming a national model. The foundational strategy of the Golden Triangle’s program is to engage regularly with building management and the community about security and preparedness.

Resilience on the Street – Preparing for the Unexpected

Communities around the United States have been rocked by unthinkable disasters, realizing only after the fact that an Emergency Operation Plan may have helped mitigate losses. This presentation walks through the immediate and rippling economic and social effects of active threat situations.

Active Threat Preparedness for your District

Lessons from previous active threat events illustrate the need to build a more comprehensive approach beyond the average 15 minutes it takes for the perpetrator to be neutralized. Pre-event, immediate response, and recovery activities need to be more thoughtfully considered to fully grasp the complex and dynamic nature of the spectrum of active threat events. This presentation will explore elements of an active threat event.

Downtown Districts at the Table: Top Safety Topics of 2017

Every thriving downtown community requires public safety. As downtown centers become re-populated with residents crime has shifted to include dangerous behaviors. Police forces have been thinning and patrols may not be as commonplace. More city centers are destinations for major events, which may also make them targets. How do districts plan for public safety? As a part of IDA’s Top Issues Council, the Safety & Security team explored this topic and more.

Safety and Security Webinar

Every thriving community requires public safety. Now that your downtown center has become re-vitalized, it’s important to protect the investment within your district. Members of IDA’s Top Issues Council on Safety & Security explore the topics of planning for public safety and capitalizing on available resources to keep your downtown safe.