Green Space

Lake Eola Park Master Plan

Located in the core of downtown, Lake Eola Park serves as centerpiece for downtown and for Orlando. The Community Redevelopment Agency worked to master plan this valuable asset, re-envisioning it for the next 50 years. The process leading to the final master plan considered the place of the park in the context of the downtown, city, and region, along with a thorough analysis its surroundings, and an evaluation of how Lake Eola Park compares to other iconic parks throughout the country.

The Square on 21st Street

Downtown Denver has long recognized the lack of park space in the Ballpark and Arapahoe Square districts of downtown. As the residential population of Downtown continues to rise so is the demand on the little existing open space. This pop-up park asked the question, “What if we repurposed and rethought our shared public realm in a way that provides new quality outdoor green space growing downtown for our residents to play outdoors?”