Nighttime Economy

Place Management After Dark – Nightlife Challenges and Opportunities

An entertainment district means foot traffic, economic development, amenities and a unique set of challenges. Many districts – large and small – are developing new strategies to engage with their nighttime economy in terms of operations, placemaking and security. Come learn from experiences in Denver, Austin and Minneapolis to gain insights into managing a successful, safe and fun district.

Nighttime Economy

Nightlife is a key element of the downtown economy but can present significant challenges if not managed and regulated in an effective way for all parties. Learn how the communities of Arlington, Virginia, Dallas, Texas, and Norfolk, Virginia are working with businesses and city representatives to identify a plan with beneficial outcomes for all that will support the vibrancy of their downtowns.

Design Downtowns & Nightlife for Women – Men Will Follow

Women are the primary decision makers and influencers about where to shop, live, work and play. Yet downtowns are often designed by men. Safety, cleanliness, lighting, restrooms and mobility options influence where women choose to go out. Women seek out a variety of social experiences and leisure pursuits; not just F&B, but also traditional shopping. Yet many downtowns fall short of women’s expectations. Find out how to design women-friendly downtowns. 

24/7 Sociable Cities: Keeping it Safe and Fun

Daytime to nighttime sociability is critical for sociable cities to thrive 24/7. Social spaces—where people dine, drink and dance—are key to a city’s social and cultural fabric. But at night, transit stops, the government shuts down and police are the catch-all. A comprehensive plan with coordinated security is crucial to nightlife management. Learn about Sacramento’s story of building alliances to manage risk and enact a rapid response to crisis situations.  

Managing the Nighttime Economy

A strong Nighttime Economy is made up of more than just a string of restaurants and bars in close proximity. A variety of experiences must be available in order for districts and communities to encourage visitors to linger and visit multiple entertainment options. However, what is even more vital are the often overlooked things. Discuss how Ops teams provide the foundation through infrastructure and amenity management that encourage strong nighttime economy opportunities.   

The Balancing Act of Managing Nightlife

Jim Peters, Founder and President of the Responsible Hospitality Institute moderates a panel of urban place management organization leaders with nightlife programs and discusses the rise of the Night Mayor role for urban centers.

Lights, Creative Economy, Action!

Ever wonder what it takes to put on a great event that fundamentally dials up your downtown revival efforts? Hear from practitioners who are executing innovative placemaking strategies that drive economic development and engage the creative economy – both day and night.

Downtown Block Party

The Downtown Block Party was developed as a celebration of Downtown Iowa City’s night economy as a unique differentiator from other commercial nodes in the region that could be an attractor to those of all ages looking for something different. The event relied on key partnerships to entertain attendees with activities including a sand volleyball court in the street, silent disco, dueling pianos, video game tournament, barn dancing by senior citizens, a drag show and main stage with music acts.

Brew University (Brew U)

Downtown Fresno Partnership (DFP) held a brainstorming session in the summer of 2016 to continue the advancement of downtown’s craft beer scene. The chosen concept was a training program to incubate ideas and equip home brewers to take the next step.

Lower Manhattan Restaurant Video Series

Lower Manhattan’s food scene, from the restaurants that perennially grace the pages of a Michelin guide to hole-in-the-wall gems that only locals know of, has quietly been booming. While publications like the Associated Press and Bloomberg News have taken notice, the perception of the neighborhood as an after-hours ghost town lingers. To address that misconception and to increase awareness of the breadth of restaurants that call Lower Manhattan home, the Alliance created a monthly video series.

Top Issues Council: Nighttime Economy

After decades of decline and flight from center city districts and neighborhoods in North America, many cities’ central cores are enjoying a modern-day renaissance. Throughout this transition, urban place management organizations have employed a variety of strategies to attract investment and increase opportunities for the surrounding community. This report provides a guide for nighttime districts to regularly reference as they face and address challenges to supporting a nighttime economy.

Nighttime Economy: A Guide for Emerging, Growing and Established Downtowns

The members of the Nighttime Economy Top Issues Council will present their findings and explain their process in the drafting of the various facets of a healthy nighttime economy. Delve deeper into the four main topics discussed in the final Top Issues Council report: Nighttime Infrastructure, Social and community safety, Activation and Engagement, and Quality of Life Mitigation.