State of Downtown and Annual Reports

Advancing Places: Data Collection, Research and Storytelling for Economic Growth

This case study dives into the work of Charlotte City Center Partners. Learn firsthand the year-round work of data collection, research and storytelling to produce the State of City Center Report. This living document resides on the organization’s website and is updated monthly. Learn how the work of this team enhances collaboration with economic development partners, the commercial real estate community, and existing and prospective businesses.

How to Demonstrate the Value of BIDs

Learn how the 2022 San Francisco Community Benefit / Business Improvement District (CBD/BID) Impact Analysis was authored, including detail on how the authors synthesized data, how other cities can replicate this report, and the general challenge of comparing BID programs to one another in order to demonstrate value and impact.

Advancing Places: Developing, Reporting and Communicating Annual Progress

Communicating the progress occurring in your district annually can come in many forms. Join this session and learn from three UPMO leaders who are gathering data and creating a benchmark for tracking development, investment, housing, and other areas of importance. These reports are used to better understand the current state of their downtowns and to help determine priorities and action steps. Learn how sharing the results can elevate your credibility and attract new investment.

IDA Vitality Index 2020 Downtown Trends

The IDA Vitality Index, powered by Stantec, has now grown to more than 50 downtowns across the U.S., including downtowns in the 25 largest cities. This session will introduce the latest trends in downtown economy, inclusion and vibrancy and feature a panel discussion highlighting what was expected and what was most surprising.

Authority in Data: Building out your Research Program

Learn how to build out your research program beginning with the basic State of Downtown to more advanced reports such as a Development Activity Report and COVID response report. With a strong research program, UPMOs will become the go-to expert in their downtown. This expert status with help shape your brand and serve your members. Come away with a realistic plan to build a robust research program given budget, staff and time constraints.

Downtown St. Pete Development Guide

Not only a economic benchmark report, this documents delves into topics such as the adjacent residential neighborhoods and education. It was designed to memorialize our progress as an urban center and provide a road map to our community leaders for thoughtful growth into the future. Through our research in this project, we were able to forecast public and private investments approaching $8 billion will be spent in our city center.

The State of Cape Town Central City Report 2018: A Year in Review

The Report is intended to provide an accurate and comprehensive overview of the downtown economy, to encourage local, national and global investment in downtown Cape Town. The Report’s unique approach is that it not only gives a detailed breakdown (in numbers) of the main economies of the Cape Town Central Business District (CBD), as it is a year in review, it also identifies key themes that emerged and how the city and Big Business responded to them.

Downtown Long Beach Economic Profile Press Release

This 2015 sample press release from Downtown Long Beach Associates is spreading the word about their recently published Downtown Economic Profile. The press release highlights a number of statistics from the report, summarizes the report’s introductory letter, and provides a brief description of the organization.

Vitality Defined

This session will present the first iteration of the IDA Vitality Index, powered by Stantec. The Index will be an interactive, online tool to benchmark the vitality of downtowns across the U.S. It includes select indicators of economy, inclusion and vibrancy to enable urban place managers to objectively quantify and benchmark their district’s strengths and weaknesses against peer cities. During the session, panelists will share the Index and discuss how districts can use this data.

Craft Data-Informed Persona in Places of All Sizes

Downtown associations know their attraction and retention results are due in part to their marketing efforts. But how do you produce content that helps your downtown stand out from the rest? In this panel, downtown regions like Bozeman, MT; Los Angeles, CA; and Memphis, TN will discuss how marketing their narrative started with understanding the unique pieces of their story – namely, their data.

Making the Case: Market Analysis Scenario Workshop

Today, downtown and urban district professionals need clear and concise data to strategically inform management and investment decisions. This workshop begins with a baseline understanding of the data that can be useful for understanding the local market, including how to retrieve the data and how to supplement the data with local knowledge. Structured as a practicum, participants will then work in small groups to apply the methodologies and analyses to build a comprehensive district profile.

NYC BID Trends Report – Telling the Story of NYC BIDs

The annual NYC BID Trends Report targets multiple audiences, serving both a promotional and educational role for the public and NYC BIDs themselves. SBS collects, analyzes, and features program output data, budget information, and highlights of exceptional programming in this report each year. The report highlights the overall impact and financial data for all BIDs and expense and output data organized by comparable BID cohorts. The report also provides financial and output data from individual BIDs.

Molly Cox Master Talk

Molly Cox is the President and CEO of SA2020, a nonprofit organization that drives progress toward a shared community vision for a thriving San Antonio. In this role, she serves as a facilitator, storyteller, convener, fundraiser, communicator, data analyst, policy wonk, and connector. A Certified Nonprofit Professional, with a master’s degree in political science from UTSA, Molly has also run a University Center, managed her own consulting business, and worked in radio and television.

Inspired by IDA: The 2017 State of Downtown

In 2014, Downtown Fresno Partnership (DFP) reimagined their State of Downtown as a happy hour event that engaged a non-traditional audience instead of the standard sit-down meeting. During IDA’s Conference in San Francisco, Kate Joncas, deputy mayor of Seattle, said, “You gotta leave people wowed.” When planning began for the 2017 State of Downtown, DFP set out to make it a celebration of the businesses, organizations and partnerships that work every day to form downtown’s unique atmosphere.

2017 State of Downtown Opener

The Downtown Fresno Partnership (DFP) has utilized videos to help tell the story of downtown Fresno. To date, these videos have debuted at the yearly State of Downtown event as a vehicle to show what happened throughout the year with a nod to the exciting developments on the horizon. In 2017, the decision was made to take the video back to the beginning, revisiting the formation of DFP and charting some of the highlights downtown has seen over the last six years.

Downtown Santa Monica Annual Meeting Video

After many years of hosting annual meetings, Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. (DTSM) noticed that messaging about the day-to-day management of the district was getting lost between presentations about transit and development, shiny new programs, grant funding or controversial regional and national topics. DTSM asked themselves, “How do we share our passions with the world in a way that doesn’t put them to sleep?”

User-Tailored Tracking: From Data Collection to Stakeholder Presentation

Urban district management organizations do not always have technology staff capable of in-depth analyses and database development; if they do, they might collaborate with less tech-savvy partners who are responsible for data collection and tracking. This presentation explores simple and creative methods of collecting and sharing data that can be tailored to the individual user, while holding the safety and security of sensitive data to high standards.