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2021 Emerging Leader Fellows Usher in the Season of Hope


Spring is a wonderful time of year, filled with renewed hope and blossoming aspirations. Albeit for different circumstances than most years, I increasingly find myself looking toward a time of greater freedom, fewer constraints and the promise of a more open society. The power of the vaccine to fortify my health defense, and simultaneously set free personal license to dream again, is most definitely taking hold.

I’m eager to grow beyond the experiences gained these past 14 months, and like each year since 2016, celebrate the announcement of this year’s Emerging Leaders Fellowship (ELF) cohort. Congratulations to the newest rising stars! Together with prior alumni, you become a unique community of future leaders within the overall IDA community. 

Now 175 professionals strong, each ELF will be a vital part of rebuilding our communities toward becoming the most resilient and inclusive places ever. This year’s cohort has negotiated difficult conditions and yet, each has chosen to grow beyond the experience –perhaps in spite of the experience – and arm themselves with the leadership acumen and professional place management skills to take on the world. Please join me in extending hearty CONGRATULATIONS and our sincerest appreciation to each ELF who navigated the past year with poise, and are now becoming the inspiration for renewed vitality for all our communities.