News from the Top

Becoming a Stronger Advocate


IDA is becoming more deeply engaged in federal public policy, with an aim to better support IDA members in rebuilding center cities post-pandemic. The IDA Canadian Network continues its work with a recently updated Federal Pre-Budget Submission. This calls for the formation of an expert panel to develop a pan-Canadian recovery strategy, with a lens for helping downtowns stem climate change and stay socially balanced, culturally dynamic, racially integrated and innovatively robust—truly valiant and important goals for the rebuilding of all cities.

In the U.S., the IDA Board recently acted to fully engage in the development of a Federal Government Advocacy program and support the Revitalizing Downtowns Act. The proposed legislation aims to create a tax credit for underutilized office space. This will encourage the creation of more affordable housing and mixed-use development to align with the changing nature of central business districts.

This and more information can be found in the new Policy and Advocacy section of the IDA website. Updates on the recently released U.S. Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and IDA Canada’s complete Recovery with Resilience platform are easily accessible through the site.

As IDA continues to build capacity for advocating in both Washington, D.C. and Ottawa, grassroots support from members will be crucial. First, we will need you to share your priority needs of federal government with us as positions and platforms are developed. Then, we’ll need our members to call upon your leaders to support the direction we collectively advocate. With lobbyists now in both capitols, IDA is bringing greater value to members and positioning the place management industry for greater leadership opportunities and impact within federal government.