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Fostering Professional Links Through Hyperlinks on IDEA Connection


I don’t know about you, but things have been pretty stressful recently. The pandemic has put everyone on edge, and it seems we’re constantly under pressure to do more with less. Stakeholders are stressed and angry and sometimes they take this anger out on us, especially with the unique challenges the urban place management field has been up against over the course of COVID-19. Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone.

I hope you have a strong support system at home with loving family and friends to get you through the difficult times. But for the professional side of your life, there’s only so much your loved ones can do, as they likely don’t have the entire context, nuance and background of the place management industry and can’t completely understand what you’re going through at work because they aren’t living it every day. That’s why I urge you to take advantage of the connections you’ve made through IDA. We have a wonderful, supportive and creative community of dedicated urban place management professionals, and IDA has made it easier than ever to reach out and collaborate via IDEA Connection.

Created in 2014, IDEA Connection is a digital happy hour of sorts, providing us with the opportunity to virtually meet and hang out with one another, exchange ideas, pose questions and vent. IDA members can sign into IDEA Connection easily and begin chatting with others who immediately understand this industry, the obstacles and troubles you’re up against, and the suggestions and solutions you might need. Learn how other IDA-ers navigate the RFP process for building a new website, or how they secured grant funding for an artist-in-residence program, or much much more. There are over 3,500 folks available to offer their experiences, inspiration and insights. This quick video tutorial can help you get connected!

Now is the time to lean on one another. Please make use of this wonderful resource from IDA — it’s your expertise and contributions that make us the top place management organization that we are today. Post questions, provide answers and inspire one another without the constraints of time zones and distance. Together we can make it through this and HAVE made it so far, and the cities and places we serve are much better for it.