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Celebrating Success


IDA focuses squarely on inspired leaders shaping cities. This is our mission, and today we show the world that place management is officially a profession. It is the season to celebrate, and I could not imagine a more appropriate time to congratulate the very first 22 credentialed professionals certified as Leaders in Place Management (LPM). These first brave professionals, all of whom qualified for and passed the examination covering all seven knowledge domains, are now ambassadors to all the other city-building professions and stakeholders.

Just imagine, for the first time, we have colleagues that communicate a unique qualification to the world. We have known for decades how vital this industry and profession are to the success of our communities. But today, we show it is not enough to simply be passionate; you must have the proper knowledge and skills. Moreover, you must prove a full grasp of the knowledge and commit to the ethical code of conduct.

Viewing the LPM Registry published this week was truly inspiring for me. Yes, it culminates an intensely rigorous process governed by ISO standards to create the standard. More importantly, I am delighted to see chief executives and staff members among the group. The registry includes members from Canada and the United States, six IDA Emerging Leader Fellows, consulting professionals and nonmembers. There are leaders from small, medium and large organizations. The list is as diverse as the industry itself and proves firsthand the profession is open to anyone.

This is a new beginning in the trajectory of IDA and our industry. Thank you, and congratulations to every newly certified professional. You are the first, and I am so looking forward to welcoming the countless more I expect will join you next year. Let us celebrate today’s trailblazers and take up the mantle in future certification rounds to declare to the world how advantageous professional place management can be to each individual practitioner and our communities.