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The Latest Challenge: Flash Mob Theft


The challenging and turbulent year 2021 has proven to be is beginning to wind down as the holiday season is in full swing. And still, with the latest Omicron variant emerging and thankfully perhaps less severe than Delta, we are again reminded that the future will remain uncertain.

However, this has always been the case in the evolution of cities over centuries and of course in our districts through the decade. Change and emerging challenges have always been the environment we work within. It is why place leaders have been so vital with an innate ability to sustain a vision beyond current challenges and continually build toward an improved future.

IDA members continually address uncertainty and challenges as they arise. Recently, coordinated flash mob-style retail thefts have emerged and are a potential for most commercial districts during this holiday season. Through the partnership with real estate and security partner organizations, IDA is pleased to provide a one-page “Flash Mob” threat flier that IDA members can use with their business and property owners. The tool reinforces basic tenants of high-quality urban place management such as initiating solid partnerships with local law enforcement, remaining alert, monitoring local trends and considering physical preventative measures as appropriate. The guide provides a list of possible indicators to look for, and with coordinated communications being an essential function of downtown management organizations, the use of the flier and its strategies may help prevent an incident in your district.

The most significant attributes of place leaders – the strength of vision, clarity of purpose and determined passion for shaping amazing cities – are precisely why IDA members have been able to withstand the pandemic and have met each new issue head-on. I hope the very best for everyone’s district through the remaining holiday season. While we continue to plan for the very best in 2022, we must also prepare for potential negative impacts and remember an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

IDA wishes all of our members a safe, happy, joyous holiday season and a tremendous new year.