News from the Top

Emerging Into a New Light


Do you feel it? That renewed sense of energy and optimism?  

After more than two years of trudging through the uncharted waters of COVID-19, we are beginning to emerge into the light.  

Businesses are open and thriving again, leases are being signed and new developments are rising in our skylines.  

Our boards and committees are collaborating in face-to-face meetings, and most of us are enjoying time with our teams back in the office. In many places, pedestrian counts are approaching, or even exceeding, their pre-pandemic levels. Paul Levy, our colleague in Center City Philadelphia, stated he went out on a limb recently by working the phrase “Positive Signs” into the title of his district’s recovery report. 

While we continue to safely reopen our main streets and downtowns and sweep up after the disastrous pandemic – and fortunately for our urban places, sweeping up is one of the things we do best – there are many indicators to suggest we should feel quite optimistic about the future of the districts we steward. 

I hope this moment of revival and new beginnings holds meaning for us all – for those who have taken on the challenges of a new role and district and those who have recommitted to the districts that need their expertise and leadership now more than ever. 

I would also like to take some time at this moment of transition to thank the incredible leadership of IDA. These directors have concluded their terms with the IDA Board, and we thank them on behalf of the profession for the time, expertise and energy they have lent to our collective success: 

●       Diane Burnette, ULI (2018-2021) 

●       John Caner, Downtown Berkeley Association (2015-2021) 

●       Raphael Clemente, West Palm Beach DDA (2015-2021) 

●       Charles Gauthier, Downtown Vancouver BIA (2019-2021) 

●       Dillon Goodson, Lakeview Roscoe Village Chamber of Commerce (2018-2021) 

●       Rena Leddy, Urban Place Consulting (2015-2021) 

●       Brian Douglas Scott, BDS Planning & Urban Design (2015-2021) 

Finally, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to the new board members. We are excited to work together and welcome your innovative ideas and fresh perspectives. 

●       Davon Barbour, Downtown New Orleans DDA (2024) 

●       Chris Beynon, MIG (2024) 

●       Teneka James-Feaman, West Palm Beach DDA (2024) 

●       Alexander Stettinski, Downtown Reno Partnership (2024) 

●       Shelonda Stokes, Downtown Partnership of Baltimore (2024) 

●       Nolan Marshall III, Downtown Vancouver BIA (2022) 

●       Jordan Polon, Hartford BID (2023) 

●       Laura Simon, Delray Beach DDA (2023)