News from the Top

Exciting LPM Results Emerging 


The ultimate value of our new Leadership in Place Management (LPM) certification is only limited by its recognition in the marketplace. IDA designed the certification program to further establish place management as a recognized profession with documented standards and a measured threshold of professional competence. Fortunately, the growing registry of LPM professionals signals the importance of the initiative as it begins to take shape and already shows the ultimate value we seek. 

This week, new leadership selections were announced for Devin Strecker, LPM and Andrew Thomas, LPM. Andrew was chosen to be the new Chief Executive Officer for Downtown Santa Monica Inc., following in the footsteps of Kathleen Rawson, LPM, who served in the role for 25 years. In addition, Devin has been named Executive Director for the River District in Sacramento. Having completed the IDA Emerging Leader Fellowship program and recently earning his LPM designation, Devin shared that his professional development journey and these accomplishments were key contributors to his success. What is so exciting is that promotions for both of these LPM professionals directly reflect our ultimate value goal – when hiring decisions are being made, they are being done so with the importance of the LPM designation being taken into consideration.    

We all know professional place management utilizes uniquely complex and diverse skills sets. The LPM certification allows us to establish clear expectations for the profession and collectively build the credibility of our professional society. Yes, it will take time to get to critical mass, but this week’s announcements are inspiring results. If you meet the criteria and are ready to pursue your professional certification, review the Candidate Handbook and visit the application to elevate your own professional status further. It will be a great investment in your own growth and contribute to recognizing the importance of the place management industry.    

Congratulations to both Devin and Andrew on their new appointments along with Alex Stettinski, who was named CEO at the San Jose Downtown Association this week and who I understand also has his eye on the LPM designation in the future?