News from the Top

Formulating and Sharing Innovation 


Visionary leadership combined with meeting the near-term needs of our constituents requires both keen forecasting and strategic prioritization. Emerging from the pandemic, IDA members are increasingly being asked to estimate the future of the office, address safety and security issues on our streets, provide further adaptations to public space, increase inclusive business support, and advocate for changing mobility demands associated with how communities function.  

These issues are IDA’s priority for the months ahead, focusing our research, education and advocacy on these topics in support of our members. To aid these efforts, four Top Issues Councils are being formed. Applications to work alongside your peers to identify and communicate innovations and adaptations in place management are being accepted now. Participation brings immediate assistance to each participating member of the council and ultimately benefits all IDA members.  

Simultaneously we continue to collect case studies and success stories from the membership. Last week, Center City Philadelphia published new survey findings on remote or in-office work. We learned Downtown Madison, Wisconsin is a partner in an innovative crime prevention pilot we hope will lead to further collaborative approaches for addressing violent crime and gun violence. And I know more ideas are germinating and being tested in each member district throughout North America. 

City building is challenging. The environment is changing, and yet I still cannot imagine any more rewarding work than helping our neighborhoods emerge triumphantly. We have a collective opportunity to continue shaping cities for the future. And by sharing your ideas and program innovations with IDA, you share them with the profession. Join a council. Please share with me your latest programs or post on IDEA connection directly. Together IDA members can meet the needs of our constituents today while envisioning a future for all people tomorrow.