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The Need For Innovation Has Never Been Greater


Only eight short months until the IDA community again convenes for what I believe will be the most significant annual conference in this decade. I am so excited about the prospect of a return to a complete annual conference September 21 – 23 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Not only is Vancouver a destination IDA members are thrilled to visit, but it is also one of the most sustainable cities in North America. A fitting location to examine rebuilding post-pandemic while also combatting climate change. 

What makes 2022 a significant year is the outlook for COVID-19 becoming a true endemic. The remaining years in this decade focused on recovering and rebuilding toward the most inclusive and complete community city centers ever. The future of our communities and the commercial districts which anchor their economy may prove successful or not based on the strategic priorities we examine at this year‘s annual conference.  

Plans are already underway soliciting session content aimed at meeting this aspirational goal. Beyond the categorical practice domains that govern our profession, I want to challenge IDA members to identify the vital topic areas needed for building cities for the future. Topics such as, the changing nature of work and commercial office spaces for deep exploration will be essential moving forward. Then also, the future of work and the office market as a driver of urban economies. The priority for more attainable housing in dense cities and neighborhoods and the evolved multi-modal transportation necessary for making the 15-minute neighborhoods and 20 minutes cities real. We need session submissions centered around equity and inclusion targeting economic development, public space maintenance and activation, marketing and communications, infrastructure, housing, public safety and homelessness. 

Please visit the 2022 Call for Session Proposals page. Mark your calendars to attend, and bring your innovative ideas for shaping cities of the future.