News from the Top

Congratulations and Thank You, Rebecca and Tracie!


Although there is much discussion about the great resignation, we must also celebrate sustained commitment, growth, and achievements of key people in our organizations. Many place management professionals have long tenures with their districts, innovating new programs and elevating within the organization; at times, becoming the CEO. These individuals are the lifeblood of our organizations; we must not overlook their contributions.

I want to take this time to congratulate and recognize Rebecca Bishophall and Tracie Clemmer, both of whom are celebrating 15 years with IDA! This milestone is a fantastic accomplishment, and through their tenure IDA has grown into a high-performing expansive association. The organization is unrecognizable compared to when Rebecca and Tracie joined the IDA staff in many ways. And yet each year, I receive numerous accolades from IDA members recognizing the support and unmatched service Rebecca and Tracie provide.

While I know, you will join me in thanking both Rebecca and Tracie for their contributions, look inside your own organization throughout the year ahead and recognize team members whose tenure at every level has contributed to your community’s success. We know place management is rewarding, purposeful work where each professional can truly make a difference. However, support and acknowledgment from within our own teams goes a long way to letting key team members know they are appreciated. In this time of great resignation, let us not forget about all the wonderful people that helped us achieve our goals.