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Vision for a Better Future


If you joined CDA and IDA for the first in a series of DEI Summits in 2021, we hope you were inspired by the content presented by our expert facilitators Jackie St. Louis with D-Fine Concepts Consulting and Ishmael Nuñez with BDS Planning and Urban Design both out of Seattle, Washington, and Maureen Benson with Cultivating Intersectional Leadership, out of Oakland, California.

The work we started to explore on April 29th is important to each and every urban place management professional, both personally and professionally, and to the communities we serve. We value diverse, inclusive places, and organizations that allow all to prosper, and this critical work will help us begin to bring this vision for a better future to fruition. During April’s kickoff DEI Summit, Jackie’s powerful presentation on the historical background of race and place in American history set the context for the excellent insights and perspectives on the intersection of racial equity and placemaking provided by Ishmael drawn from his experience as an urban planner. Maureen helped model the cyclical and deeply personal nature of anti-racist work. Three key takeaways from the summit were:

  1. Wherever you are in the journey is where you are supposed to be.
  2. It’s OK to be vulnerable and not have all the answers.
  3. Move at the speed of trust.

Be sure to mark your calendars to attend the second DEI Summit this summer as we continue this important work. More information will be coming soon.