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Walking In Memphis


The IDA membership has journeyed to the soulful city of Memphis to learn from years of rebuilding and repairing community in a more equitable way. In addition to its rich history and extraordinary music, Memphis is amidst a renaissance led in no small part by the Downtown Memphis Commission and recently elected Mayor Paul Young, a 2022 alumni of our own IDA Emerging Leader Fellowship.

As we convene in this dynamic city, we also took the opportunity to hold the IDA Board Retreat focusing on the future of IDA membership and the changing needs of downtown CEOs in the years ahead. As cities worldwide, along with the IDA, navigate the post-pandemic rebuilding phase, we find ourselves in a pivotal moment of realignment. This entails reassessing and adapting our priorities to meet the evolving needs of our communities. For IDA specifically, this involves a strategic shift towards prioritizing deep knowledge networking within small, intimate groups. In these settings, members derive the greatest value by exchanging experiences, addressing challenges, and collaborating on solutions. By fostering this environment of collective support and shared learning, IDA members are empowered to enhance their work and drive meaningful change more effectively.

I am excited for the enriching discussions and connections that await us here in Memphis. What excites me most is witnessing each member actively engage in meaningful dialogue, finding solace in shared challenges and reveling in moments of laughter that rejuvenate us amidst the grind of city building. Let’s cherish these experiences together, for it is through them that we find inspiration and forge lasting bonds. Welcome to the journey ahead!