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The Competitive Edge Begins with Data


It’s being called the great resignation. I think of it as the evolution we expected when the Emerging Leader Fellowship program began in 2016. We predicted a generational change in the leadership of downtown organizations. For many IDA members, this came to fruition in recent years, somewhat interrupted due to the uncertainty of the pandemic. It is clear; however, we will see continued changes at the chief executive level and senior leadership at the department level in the years ahead.    

IDA is proud to release the 2021 Staffing & Salary Survey this week. The new biennial survey is the most comprehensive benchmark on staffing and compensation trends for the U.S. and Canadian urban place management industry. The 2021 edition presents a brand new platform with customizable results and organizational KPIs such as calculations on budget per FTE, percentage of workforce cost and more.   

The dashboard includes data on top executive compensation, staff salaries for 26 common positions, organizational budget and other demographic characteristics. Dynamic filters allow you to compare your district to peers in your region and across North America and customize downloadable Excel and Powerpoint summaries of the data.  

 Thank you to all who contributed data to this new and improved compensation survey. The unprecedented change within the employment base of our industry is occurring at the very time our cities need place management vision and action more than ever. IDA member organizations are not immune to the changing demands of the workforce, and it is incumbent on each organization to assess its position within a growing competitive landscape. The good news is the work of place management remains rooted in purposeful, mission-based goals for improving community – a highly sought-after aspect for professionals today.    

Purchase premium access today and position your organization with the talent needed to reshape our cities for the next decade and beyond.